Great Leaders Leverage the Power of Strategic Communication

//Great Leaders Leverage the Power of Strategic Communication

Great Leaders Leverage the Power of Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication Skills: Free Mini Course for Managers

Have you ever felt frustrated when trying to get others in the workplace to cooperate and/or support your ideas?  Does it seem that others just aren’t paying attention, or not getting it?  You’re not alone!  It can be one of the biggest challenges for managers.  But there is something you can do about it!  Our newest mini course is designed to build your communication skills and help you overcome systemic communication problems in the workplace.

Introducing our FREE Strategic Communications Mini Course

Strategic communication is a proactive approach to understand your audiences and craft your messages to align with their interests and motives. This mini course will provide you with the skills and tools you need to gain cooperation from senior executive, co-workers, colleagues and broader stakeholders. It will give you the ability to engage your employees, rather than relying on the use of positional power to get limited compliance.

Our mini courses are designed to give you “just what you need to get started” on a special topic in leadership and management. I keep the lessons short and focused on one learning objective. For Strategic Communications, the learning outcome is as stated in the subtitle: On completion of this course, you will be able to apply effective communication techniques to gain influence and cooperation

Unlike our regular length professional development courses, we don’t have a self-evaluation component in mini-courses. And unlike the more extensive exercises and case study in full length courses, we will have only a few reflective exercises and one brief case study. You should be able to finish this course and start applying techniques for strategic communication within a couple of hours.

But as with our regular core courses, I will provide you with some tips to continue your learning and development in Strategic Communications. And as always, feel free to email me with questions!

Who should take this course?

This mini course is designed for anyone wanting to improve communication in the workplace and to develop their leadership skills. You need to be ready and willing to put these communication skills into practice. In particular, this online leadership course would benefit team leaders, managers, supervisors and executive that need to get cooperation from a variety of stakeholders.

Ideally, you should have some experience and knowledge of leadership to get the greatest benefit from this course. But if you are keen to learn, don’t let lack of leadership experience stop you! It’s great to develop these skills before you are “put to the test”, so to speak. These leadership communication skills will position you to be successful in a dynamic and challenging work environment.

Why is this leadership course free?

I know there are many leadership and management training courses out there.  So it can be overwhelming which to choose!  I want you to give my online leadership courses a try so that you can make sure they are the best approach for you.

I have carefully designed my courses to give managers (current and future!), the practical leadership skills that they can apply in the workplace.  I’ve used this video based, online format to provide the greatest convenience for those that need and want to work at their own pace and location.  And this self-directed approach to learning has been demonstrated to be most effective for those that want to take charge of their own career development.

But I also know that your time is extremely valuable.  So before you invest in our core courses, I want you to have the opportunity to try this learning approach for yourself.   You should be able to complete the course within one to two hours.  And I hope you will agree that this is a highly effective approach for your professional development!  I hope from there that you will choose to take more of my courses, and to invite your colleagues to join too.

Let’s get started with building your leadership communication skills!

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