First grade reading comprehension is a necessary part of the process of learning to read. A child’s comprehension skills will advance rapidly if he has the ability to solve problems based on the information he is given. The process of reading comprehension tests are not hard to do and they can be administered in a variety of ways. The most traditional method is multiple choice.

1st Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets Multiple Choice

This type of test is one of the most effective ways for determining a child’s reading comprehension and it is usually given to children once they have reached their first birthday. A parent can purchase a ready-made multiple-choice test from a book store or online. In order to make the test more interesting, parents may choose to develop a story with associated pictures or activities that will help their child develop their problem-solving skills.


One way that parents can develop their child’s reading comprehension skills is by using worksheets. Worksheets are available in a wide variety of subjects including geography, animals, colors, letters, days of the week, and more. Parents can create their own worksheets which may be based on the activities given to their child or they can use a worksheet template which can be found online. A child’s worksheet should include a vocabulary word group, an explanation of what the word or group means, and a practice sentence which they can repeat.


For younger children, it is often easier to use multiple choice worksheets. In multiple choice you are given a list of several words. You are then asked to click your mouse whenever you see a word that fits your definition. For example, if you see the word “dog” you are expected to click when you see the word “owned.” You are not allowed to click when you see the word “dogg” or when you see the word “puppy.” This is an excellent way to teach a child to know the difference between things that they know and things that they do not.


You will need to be careful with worksheets for older children. Older children are more complex in their vocabulary and are more likely to use words that are not part of their dictionary. Worksheets for older students should incorporate real world examples so that they are easier for your child to understand. For example, you could include several animal pictures in their worksheets so that they are able to identify the different types of animals that are found in the home, the grocery store, and the park.

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If your child needs help with comprehension, they should start by looking at their homework worksheets. It may take a little time and patience but your child will soon be copying their answers to their worksheets. If your child copies their answers they will learn how to recognize words that they do not know and will increase the chances that they make correctly formed decisions. If your child has difficulty in developing new vocabularies, worksheets and lessons can be very helpful. Your child will be able to understand what they are reading much quicker than if they were having to read a phrase or word by itself.