Parents and teachers find these very useful for practice, perfecting and honing addition, subtraction and reading comprehension skills in addition to money counting. Best free, or inexpensive source for this is the internet. These resources include worksheets for second graders. They are fun to use and give a student a variety of learning choices.

2nd Grade Homeschool Worksheets

Parents and teachers will find these printable 2nd grade homeschool worksheets very helpful for practice, perfecting and honing addition, subtraction and reading comprehension skills. Best source for this free or inexpensive resource. They also come in handy when parent and teacher go shopping for products that help with teaching strategies. Some second graders might like these colors and shapes. This is a wonderful addition to the shopping list.


These are not the old rehashed” multiplication worksheet” from the 1970’s. These are innovative, with new, fun teaching tools and activities to help children develop their math skills. Best homeschool resources for the older students, as well as the classrooms of all grades. A variety of math games and activities. Perfect for the kids at home, the 2nd grade homeschool worksheets and activities can be used by the older students and even the older teachers as well.


Homework help, worksheets that you can do on your own, without having to read ahead, flashcards for practicing math facts, grammar drills, and worksheets that are geared to different age groups such as the kindergarten through third graders. Older students will enjoy having pictures to identify the various topics they are learning about. The teacher can also give them hints and tips to help them in their math lessons without having to read ahead. This helps the student to be more attentive to the lesson and helps to build the understanding and confidence in their math skills. It also shows the teacher that the student has an interest in learning.


You can get these printables in many different sizes. If you only have a few students, you may want to choose an eight page download or a single page. If you have more students, it may be necessary to get a larger download. Once you have downloaded your materials, just print them up. The large file size makes it more likely that your student will print them out. You can have them laminated if you wish.

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As a homeschool teacher you know that many students are just not motivated to learn math skills, but with worksheets for kids this motivation is completely available. If you want your student to get good scores on the tests you give them, you must make sure that they are learning the basic and intermediate math skills. These include adding, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fraction. Using math worksheets for kids will help you in all of these areas and will give your student a very strong foundation for their future math skills.