Narver Management Consulting (NMC)

Founded in BC, Canada

Since early 2010, we have been providing both “face-to-face” and online services to clients in a range of sectors: Private enterprise, Government and Not-for-Profit. And thanks to emerging tools for virtual communication and collaboration, our clients are both local and global!

In fact, we specialize in supporting diverse and geographically distributed teams. Talk to us today to see how NMC Strategic Manager can help you build a stronger management team.



Debbie Narver
Debbie NarverFounder
Debbie Narver is an experienced manager, having spent 16 years working in the B.C. Public Service, where she transitioned from technical to leadership roles. She participated in and led multi-stakeholder projects, often during times of major organizational restructuring. As such, she has an appreciation of the challenges of moving forward while ensuring that the needs of employees, customers and other stakeholders are recognized and respected. Her strength is in engaging teams of diverse backgrounds and professions, developing strategic relationships and facilitating the problem solving process.

Debbie has recently completed a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Vancouver Island University. This program was very unique in that there was high percentage (80+%) of international students. Debbie gained first-hand experience in cross-cultural team performance as a participant, and conducted extensive research on the subject. Her research was published by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. This paper is available for free on our research page.

Associate Consultants

Dr. Bonita (Bonnie) RussellRussell Roundtable Management Consultants Inc.
Bonnie is an experienced management consultant, university researcher, facilitator, and adult educator, specializing in Strategic Management, Organizational Development, and Environmental Stewardship. She brings not only her specialized knowledge and experience to her consulting projects but also her unique client engagement process that leads to innovative solutions to complex management issues.
Dr. Ken HammerKen Hammer & Associates
Ken specializes in strategic planning, innovation and workshop facilitation. He has worked with over 50 community businesses and organizations over the last 15 years and helped them be more effective and innovative in moving forward.


Our goal is to support managers in leading effectively and efficiently in a dynamic,
complex and increasingly global business environment.

We do this by:

Delivering expert advice and recommendations on skill development, tools and processes to manage both cultural and professional diverse teams dispersed in various geographic locations.


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Developing and delivering specialized self-learning courses for Managers to develop skills in Strategic Management, specifically designed for those leading diverse work teams.

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Working with Managers and their teams to develop relationships, effective tools and processes to leverage team diversity and deliver exceptional results.

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Consulting services for managers to increase team productivity, creativity and finding common grounds in diversified teams.

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In our modern world, the size of company is irrelevant due to presence of networking opportunities; we partner with other independent consultants and leverage high quality service providers to deliver a range of services that goes beyond the customer expectations!


Our blend of services is uniquely focused for helping managers of diverse and geographically dispersed team. Through our experience with both cultural and professional diversity, we can help managers to develop skills and implement specialized processes and tools to develop and lead highly effective and efficient teams resulting in:

  • Improved Problem Solving and Decision Making through training and facilitated sessions
  • Increased productivity through Strategic Planning, Performance Management and Change Management training and advice
  • Increased creativity and synergy in teams through Cross Cultural Leadership, facilitation and advice to support virtual teams
  • Win the talent war by providing effective, convenient and affordable professional development opportunities that attract and retain top managers

We are Global and Have Helped Clients Worldwide.