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I have written many articles about organization change over the past few years.  And if there was any doubt that the pace of change is increasing – I think it must be truly obvious now!  Not only is the pace of change increasing, but change seems to be increasing in complexity.   How can you best prepare?  By ensuring you build capacity in Change Leadership skills NOW, rather than waiting until change is upon you.

Change Leadership doesn’t happen just from the top

We may think that only senior leaders need the skills to lead change.  After all – they are responsible for the vision, right? Well yes, they may set the vision for the entire organization.  But it really comes down to each team leader to engage and manage their employees to make the vision happen.   Unless each team leader has the skills to lead their team in change, it presents the potential for a break in the chain.  Regardless of how great the vision from the top, it is unlikely to be fully successful without other change leaders at various levels on the organization.

Develop other leaders now, before the change starts

It is important that leaders at all levels be prepared and engaged to ensure a proactive approach.  That is – having the right skills will ensure that you have choices in how you approach change, as opposed to a more limited reactionary approach.  My previous article 3 Benefits of a Proactive Approach to Change will provide more insight as to the importance of being prepared well before any major change.

What type of Change Leadership Training is required?

While there are some more “technical” aspects to change management – it’s really the human side that takes the most focus.  Change can make employees very uncomfortable and fearful – even if they don’t express it.  They may respond with resisting the change.  So it’s important that leaders at all levels have effective communication skills, provide clear direction and engage employees effectively.

I have talked about this in several other articles about the type of skills required for leading change.  I recommend you read Successful Business Transformation Starts with Change Leadership Skills.

Where do we start with Change Leadership Training?

There are many different approaches to leadership training.  Some organizations may bring a trainer in to hold workshops.  In fact, this was a favored approach several decades ago.  But with the increasing pace of change (and life!), people in different locations and different skills levels – it isn’t necessarily the best approach for all organizations.

That is why we developed the NMC Strategic Manager online training system.  This allows employees to learn at their own pace and schedule, and from any location.  Recognizing that employees may be at different levels in their knowledge, skills and aptitudes, working at their own pace can be more effective.

What’s included in my Change Leadership Training?

Based on my own experience as a manager, I cover a wide range of topics in both Change Leadership (largely, the “people side”), and Change Management (techniques and tools to implement change).  Each section focuses on a specific topic and includes:

  • video-based lessons
  • reflective and/or analytical exercises
  • case studies (based on my real life experiences!)
  • quizzes and self-assessment tools

Our school is hosted on the secure and reliable Teachable Learning Management System Platform for 24/7 access.  And while you learn at your own pace, you can email me at any time for questions, advice and support.

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Change Leadership Training

Change Management Training for Managers