Color By Number Math worksheets are perfect for those of you who teach first grade. Teaching first graders is tough because they are hard to read and understand. When it comes to color by number, they will be able to see the picture as well as understand what is being taught. It will help them understand how to color coordinate items in a group. Color is used in the classroom because it is easier for the eyes to see the different colors.

Color by Number Math Worksheets 1st Grade

There is no reason why the children should not be able to know the meaning behind the numbers. When the children color coordinate items, they can see how they match with each other. If you are teaching about fractions, you need to use specific words such as multiples of one, zero, and one hundred percent. These types of words are easier for the eyes to see.


The teacher does not need to mention how many times these numbers come. The children already know the meaning behind them. They also can color coordinate the different units of measurement such as decimals and percentage values. These little worksheets can also be used to introduce the concept of decimals and percentages.


This particular method of teaching is very effective because it makes the subject matter universal. A child is able to learn and understand things from this lesson. The color by number worksheets also allow the child to practice his or her color vision. Children often get frustrated because they do not understand the different color relationships. When you color coordinate items, you are teaching them how to relate all of the different colors to each other and how each color contributes to the overall value.


When you color coordinate your numbers, you are teaching the children how to count in a logical manner. They have to add up the total for every color they see. Once they understand the concept behind how they are adding up the numbers, they will be able to perform additional tasks such as subtraction and multiplication.

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It is really amazing what kids are able to grasp once they are introduced to this method of teaching color relations. Once the numbers start coming in, the children can begin to learn about color harmony. If you are looking for a fun way to teach your children math, you should consider using these worksheets. By doing so, your children will have a much better understanding of the subject matter.