Diversity Training for Managers

Cross Cultural Leadership Training for a Diverse Workplace

Why should you focus on Cross Cultural Leadership Training?

Have you noticed the workforce is changing?  But how many organizations have adapted their approach in response to increasing diversity?  Cross Cultural Leadership does just that!  Diversity training (when properly done!) will give managers the specialized team leader skills they need to effectively manage a more diverse workforce.  In an increasingly global, complex and interconnected world,  it will enable your organization to leverage the advantages of diversity for recruitment, innovation and new markets.

Specialized skills for a diverse workplace

As I’ve talked about in my previous article on the Advantage of Cross Cultural Leadership

  • First, we need to recognize that diversity is increasing here in Canada, and will continue to do so.
  • We also know that there are some advantages of a diverse workforce, such as bringing in new perspectives and ideas.
  • But without a new approach to managing a diverse workforce, there is the potential for misunderstanding and conflict.

Todays’ organizations need to develop specialized leadership skills that recognize our differences.  And those differences go beyond our outside appearances and customs.  We need to understand the deeper influences of cultural conditioning – including our own!  And we need to adapt “traditional” leadership approaches to engage with diverse employees, customers, partners and communities.  This knowledge, along with practical tools and techniques, will enable supervisors, managers and leaders to reduce misunderstanding and conflict.

Why take MY Cross-Cultural Training?

Having been a manager for 16 years, I entered into an international MBA program in 2008.  I was fascinated by the differences in how we approach management in different cultures.   This prompted me to conduct specialized research on International Strategy and Human Resource Management.  Interactions with my international colleagues further deepened my awareness of cultural differences in the workplace.  Subsequently, I have applied these insights to change my approach to leadership.  And I continue to use these new insights in my work with diverse teams – both locally and internationally.

I wrote a book on my methodology How to Manage Culturally Diverse Work teams.   And then I developed my cross cultural training course based on those methods.  My first course focuses on cultural awareness – starting with ourselves!  After all, self awareness is the cornerstone of leadership.  Through this course, you will be guided to become aware of your own cultural conditioning (we all have it!), such that you can make different and more effective choices when leading people from different cultures.

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