English Comprehension Worksheets for Grade 3 are an important part of all English courses. These worksheets are a valuable tool in teaching ESL and Non-English Comprehension students. Comprehension is the first skill that ESL teachers must master before beginning the second step of conversation, which is reading. The ability to comprehend and articulate thoughts accurately is what will separate those who succeed in school from those who fail.

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Most ESL teachers begin with their students’ native language skills before introducing them to English. This gives students an advantage over their peers in that they already understand the meaning of words and what these words look like when written and spoken. By incorporating spoken comprehension into a student’s first foreign language learning program, the ESL teacher not only helps the student acquire written language skills, but also develops the listening and oral communication skills necessary to be successful in college and beyond. While it can be difficult for teachers to incorporate spoken and written language together, they can make a real effort toward a truly immersive experience by including both languages in the same lesson plan. It is well worth the effort for students to learn how to write in both languages at the same time.


ESL teachers should not only include word definitions and examples in their comprehension worksheets for ESL students, but they should also offer detailed suggestions about the best way to phrase each idea. This may come in the form of lists, bullet points, or photos of common expressions. A variety of visual cues will help the student see exactly what he is reading or writing about. In fact, this skill is especially important for ESL students who need to rely on their language skills to communicate with non-native speakers. Listening skills, written communication skills and reading comprehension all become necessary for successfully navigating the US academic system.


The next phase of the process of teaching English as a second language is for the teacher to start using both English comprehension worksheets and lesson plans to plan out the weekly schedule. This should be a two part process. The first step involves preparing daily lesson plans that outline both English comprehension activities and times when additional instruction is appropriate. The second step involves actually designing a schedule. Most teachers will create a calendar based on the skills that are being taught, the number of students in the class, and the day’s lesson plan. Some will simply use a paper calendar, but others will make customized calendars suitable for ESL classes.


Planning activities for ESL students is an essential part of the process of teaching English as a second language. The key is to make sure that these activities build on the previous lesson plans and give the student a chance to review the previous concepts learned. These review activities should be done before activities that reinforce the topics are given, as well as right after the activities are completed. This ensures that students have a clear understanding of what they learned, and that they will retain the information for a higher level of education.

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By creating and using comprehension worksheets, teachers can ensure that their students learn English as quickly as possible. In this way, students are able to advance from the basic levels of learning. For ESL teachers, this is also an excellent way of allowing an ESL student to develop her/his skills before going to school in her own country. By doing so, the ESL student is giving the ESL teacher one more tool to use with the many resources available to them, making English comprehension easier for them to teach.