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Free Clock Worksheets for First Grade

Free clock worksheets for primary students are perfect for both the parents and the young ones to utilize. The 1st Class Clock Work Sheets are perfectly randomly created and won’t repeat so you always take in an everlasting supply of top quality 1st Class Clock Worksheets for use in the classroom or at home. It […]

1st Grade Measurement Worksheets

Whether teaching first grade or kindergarten, the purpose of first grade measurement worksheets is to provide children with a set of simple, functional charts that allow them to record their progress. First grade students do not have the same vocabulary and cognitive skills that their peers have. They are not as familiar with numbers or […]

Phonics Worksheets Grade 1 pdf

Free First Grade Phonics Worksheets is an important part of the curriculum. Reading is one of the essential life skills for all children and it is important to them from their earliest years. Reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling skills are friended by a private company based in New Zealand that partner teachers and parents. This […]

First Grade Money Worksheets

First grade money worksheets are available for first graders. These worksheets focus on daily activities, both mathematical and verbal. Activities for first grade include shopping for foods, preparing meals, games and sports. You’ll find activities on every topic, from word recognition to subtraction. From basic math skills to advanced concepts such as fraction sums and […]

1st Grade Map Worksheets

Map workheets for students in elementary education and even those in middle school are really just paper drawings with some very basic information printed on them. Map worksheets for 1st grade usually just show a general area that surrounds a picture of the subject of the workheet. This is very basic information like where the […]

Homeschool Worksheets 1st Grade

Homeschool worksheets for 1st graders are an ideal resource for teaching and learning. It can be a challenging task to find time in a busy life, especially when your child has many other activities to attend to. This resource provides a simple and quick way for you to use while you are working. Whether it […]

Free Printable Language Arts Worksheets for 1st Grade

Free printable language arts worksheets for 1st graders are not hard to come by. Many of the most well known and respected educational publishing companies such as Scribd, iUniverse and Pimsleur offer these at no cost on their websites. They will only ask for basic information regarding the age of your child, if your child […]

1st Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets pdf

If you teach 1st grade reading comprehension and have kids in your classroom, be sure to use the benefits of using PDF (Portable Document Format) files. There is no other format that is as widely accepted for making and sharing documents. In addition to being a universally accepted format, PDF files are quite flexible. That […]

Place Value Worksheets for Grade 1

When teaching first graders, most people automatically assume that their students’ place value worksheets will be for grade 1. This is not always the case, however. Gradeschool teachers should be teaching first graders about place value as well as learning about percentages, ratios, averages, differences and averages in order to teach these essential concepts to […]