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How can you best leverage the strengths of your employees?

Why do organizations need an employee engagement strategy?

Would you consider your employees to be one of your greatest assets?  Many organizations are realizing that their greatest potential lies in their people.  So doesn’t it make sense that we place significant priority and focus on this by developing an employee engagement strategy?

In a previous article called Why is Employee Engagement So Important?, I talked about flipping our perspective from the concept of employees as Labour to one of a Valuable Asset that needs to be managed and developed.  I would like to expand a bit further and introduce the concept of developing an employee engagement strategy.

An Employee engagement strategy involves developing a pro-active approach to ensure that each individual stays connected and provides the highest value to your organization.

Recognize and cultivate the potential in each employee

Consider that each employee is like an ice-burg, in that only a small amount of their value is visible.  When we are recruiting new employees, we generally focus on these visible facets – such as education and the type of jobs they have previously held.  We can test people on their technical knowledge, proficiency in multi-tasking and communication skills.

This screening process may pick out those candidates which we believe can walk in the door and start doing their job.  However, it does NOT predict the true value that an individual can bring to our organization over time.  Value is realized when people contribute over and above their regular duties – such as improving processes, supporting their colleagues, providing creative new ideas and going the extra mile for customers.

If we just place a technically competent person in a job, and don’t take the time to learn about and develop these “soft” skills, we miss out on that large reservoir of potential below the surface.

Have you ever been surprised, after working with someone for many years, to find out they have extraordinary talent in their hobbies and personal lives? Consider how that person could have brought their passion and talent to the work environment?  Would it have made a difference to productivity for both themselves and others?  This is what true employee engagement promotes.

Consider long term and broader contributions

The bottom line is that we must consider employees as individuals, rather than just a position and title.   However, this does create challenges in recruiting and performance management.  It’s a given that we need some consistency in our operations.  However, perhaps there is a small percentage of a job description and/or performance plan that can be allocated for individual expression.

So although it may seem like a paradox, we need to develop strategic frameworks for employee engagement that have the flexibility to meet individual needs.

A new approach to employee development

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