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Build leadership skills for a diverse workplace

Build excellence in a diverse workplace

Forward thinking organizations are realizing the benefits of diversity in the workplace.  Many are actively recruiting more diverse employees – which is great!  But how can you ensure the best work experience to retain your new employees?  How can you make sure productivity stays high (or even higher!)?  And that diverse employees can work together effectively?  You need some strategies to integrate and manage people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Strategies for managing cultural diversity

I have published some of my research, written a book, developed and delivered courses and written many articles on the topic I call Cross Cultural Leadership.  And most recently, I have developed a mini series of brief videos on the topic.  So I thought it would be helpful to link them all into this article, such that you can follow through the sequence.

What IS Cross Cultural Leadership?

My first video introduces the concept, and in particular, recognizing the need for a specialized approach to leading a diverse workplace.  While there are certainly many benefits to diversity in the workplace, we can have very different perspectives and assumptions due to our cultural conditioning (including our own!).  So we can’t assume that our traditional approaches to leadership will be the best fit for everyone.

The challenges of integrating employees from different cultures

The second video digs deeper into cultural awareness and understanding how culture influences each of us.  Without that understanding, we make wrong assumptions that can lead to misunderstanding and conflict.


How diversity impacts team performance

Building on the previous video, we now look at the impacts of team performance.   We often here of the benefits of diversity on a team, but there can be difficulties too when we bring together people with different perspectives and expectations.  So this video provides some insight on why we need to change our approach to leadership.


Tips for leading diverse teams

This video provides a few practical techniques that you can start using to help you diverse work groups to improve their performance.

Build leadership skills for a diverse workplace

The above videos give you a brief overview of the topics we cover in my Cross Cultural Leadership Training.  It’s a great way to improve your own leadership skills, or to implement a diversity leadership program in your organization.  These skills can benefit all employees in a diverse workplace, leading to greater understanding and ability to work well with people from other cultures.  Learn more about the course in this brief video.


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