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Reduce your environmental footprint with online courses for managers


I have talked in previous articles about the benefits of elearning for developing strategic management and leadership skills.   Additionally, I have outlined some different approaches to online courses for managers, including:  self-directed learning and  blended learning.  Advantages include: convenience, reduced costs and in the case of self-directed, the ability to go at your own pace.  But now lets consider the benefits to our environment!

The full cost of travel

No doubt you are aware of the cost of travel to yourself and your organization when you need to attend training.  For many organizations, you may have people in different cities.  So bringing them together – either at a training site or perhaps your own boardroom, has significant direct costs.  There are mileage and parking costs for those that are able to drive.  Some may need to fly, which can be very expensive to and from more remote areas.  And then there are accommodation and meal costs that can really add up!

Some of the indirect costs also include lost time.  While your people are traveling, they are very restricted in their ability to do work.  Some may check in on their phones from the airport.  But for the most part, travel is unproductive time that costs you and your organization.

But let’s also consider the cost to the environment!  Obviously there is the impact of emissions from vehicles and flights.  But also consider the wear and tear on the infrastructure (highways, parking, etc.) And the added impact of staying in hotels and eating in restaurants.

The cost of materials

In traditional training, there is often a large amount of physical material – handouts, folders, binders.  As I look on my shelf, I have binders from previous courses collecting dust.  And while paper may be recyclable, there’s still an impact to the environment in both the initial production AND the recycling process.  Then theirs the glossy plastic covers and rings.  And really, how useful is this material after the fact?  For most of us, it sits on the shelf collecting dust until we can bring ourselves to throw it out.

And don’t forget that the cost of producing these materials is reflected in the overall cost to your course!  Thus, online courses for managers are generally a bit lower in cost.

My goal with online courses for managers

I developed the Strategic Manager Online Learning System for a better approach to management training.  One that benefits the individual learner, the organization AND the environment!

Eliminating the cost and environmental impact of travel

My online courses for managers can be done from home or your office, thus eliminating transportation costs to you and the environment.  No being away from your family, idling in traffic or sitting in airports. You can go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or make a sandwich without having to drive somewhere for lunch.  And you can be there to help your kids with homework instead of sitting in a hotel.

Eliminating the cost and environmental impact of materials

All of the material is in digital form, which reduces the cost for production and the environmental impact of excessive paper, plastic and other materials.  And with our online courses for managers, you have full access to all the materials for as long as you want!  So no need for binders to go back to.  You can review videos as and when you need to.

But isn’t face to face meeting important?

No doubt, face-to-face is the most natural way for people to interact.  And it is especially important when dealing with difficult issues.  But is that truly the case with training?  Is it truly worth the cost to yourself, your organization and the environment?  We need to ask ourselves these questions.

You may think of online training as those boring “read it yourself” courses.  But with today’s technology, and an instructor that is properly trained in online learning – online courses can be highly engaging and interactive.

Try online management training for yourself and see!

It may not be for everyone, but why not give it a try and see for yourself.  Our Strategic Communication mini-course is free and should only take an hour or two to complete.  Then check out our more in-dept strategic management and cross cultural leadership courses to build skills at your own pace and convenience..

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