Employee Development Training

eLearning provides a convenient and affordable approach to employee development training

Convenient and affordable employee development training

You know that it’s important provide learning and development for employees.  Your entire organization benefits when employees develop leadership skills.  But how can you balance the cost and time factor?  High quality eLearning provides an effective solution for employee development training.

Ready to go leadership and management courses

We have designed our learning management system for quick and easy sign up!  Advanced management and leadership courses are available all day, every day.  Employees can sign up for self directed courses and start learning management skills immediately.   Unlike traditional training, there’s no waiting until the course you want is available.  Employees can work at their own pace, from anywhere! With brief, highly focused lessons – employees can learn and start applying their skills immediately!

Our courses include:

  • How to Lead Positive Change in the Workplace
  • Performance Management Process
  • Improve Employee Performance
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making for Managers
  • Cross Cultural Leadership
  • How to Lead Effective Strategic Planning

Risk free and affordable

Individual courses can be purchased for $199 CAD, and include a 30 day money back guarantee!  Once purchased, students have permanent access to the course.  They can go back at any time to refresh their knowledge!

We also have a subscription option.  For only $39/month, students get  access to all 6 of our advanced management courses.  This is a great option for those that want more than one course.  And it can be cancelled at any time!

Another cost benefit of online training is that it eliminate the need for travel.  It eliminate the “away time” associated with traditional training, as employees can learn from their desks or homes.  They can spread their learning out over time – even 30 minutes per week can greatly improve leadership skills!

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Customized Corporate Training

For those that want a more customized approach for employee development training, we can design a blended eLearning and Instructor Facilitated approach to meet your needs.  Contact us to discuss your needs.