Build GREAT management skills without large chunks of time and money

How can you improve your skills within your busy schedule?

Perhaps you have recently been promoted into a management position.  And perhaps, like many (including myself when I first became a manager!), you are finding that managing people requires very different skill than your previous position.  But with all the demands of work and your personal life – where can you find the time to take management courses?  How can you improve as a manager while still balancing everything else on your plate?

So you want to be a good manager – how can you learn?

I have written in my previous article Creative approaches to professional development of manager about the debate of which is better – getting a business degree BEFORE you enter the workforce, or just learning on the job.  There are many disadvantages to either approach, in their purest forms.  Taking management courses without any real world experience means that you can’t really visualize how to apply the skills.  And trying to learn on the job can be painful!  You may be experiencing a workplace that seems confusing, full of conflict, competing demands, lack of results and people that just don’t seem to listen.  And consider that if you try to learn by watching other untrained managers, you may just perpetuate bad management practices

The on-demand approach to develop effective management skills

I believe the best approach is a combination.  That is, learning a bit, then applying, then going back to learn some more.   Which is how I have developed the Strategic Manager Learning System.  Each course focuses on an essential management competency.

Through my own experience of progressing into leadership roles, my MBA training and my experience as a consultant working with all types of organizations, I have “distilled” the core management skills that make a good manager.   These are the people management skills that move you from the reactive mode to a strategic, highly competent mode of management.   You will see more order, stability, results and cooperation in your work day.

But how can I do that with just 30 minutes per week?

Consistency is the key.  The lessons are highly focused, including videos and practical exercises.  So, even if you can only commit 30 minutes each week – you learn some skills that you can start applying immediately.  You can observe your workplace and visualize how you can do things differently.  In essence, you apply each step so that you truly develop the skill, rather than just knowledge that fades.

But you must be sure to commit that 30 minutes every week!  Put it in your calendar and set that time aside to invest in yourself.  With 30 minutes per week, you could complete each of the 6 core courses in the Strategic Manager Learning System – building superior management skills.

Management training plan

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