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Smaller businesses can benefit from a creative approach to leadership development training

Guest Post by Dr. Bonita Russell, June 10, 2018

Do you sometimes wish you could invest more in your staff so that they could be the best that they could be?  If you are a small to medium sized firm, it can be hard to find the resources to support an in-depth training and development program even though you know investments in your people bring innovation and improved organizational performance.

How Leadership Development Training Differs for Small versus Larger Organizations

Large firms have the resources to contract with local universities for customized training programs that cover the basics of finance, marketing, organizational development, strategy, and leadership.  Such programs are typically delivered over some number of months to a cohort of employees.  The strengths of such an approach are that the content can be modified to suit the industry and the firm, a larger number of employees can access the training, the participants acquire new knowledge and skills that enhance their performance, and the organization sets itself up for success.

Enterprise collaboration tools such as Skype for Business have made it possible for small to medium sized firms to give their employees the same development opportunities that employees in larger companies have come to enjoy.  Such tools make it possible to deliver a low cost/high value development program to any number of employees regardless of where they are physically located.

Success Story of a Smaller Organization

For over 5 years, we have been providing leadership development training using online collaboration tools for a small organization of less than 100 geographically dispersed employees.  The development program has seven modules and almost one quarter of the organization’s employees have completed one or more of the modules.  The benefits to the organization have taken the form of enhanced employee engagement, increased collaboration among the business units, and an enterprise-wide focus on continuous learning.   For the participants, the opportunity to enhance their capabilities in a timely, collaborative and meaningful way with colleagues and coworkers has made the program an integral part of the organization’s employee development program.   The program is very affordable as there are no travel costs or time away from work for the participants.

Where to start with your Leadership Development Training?

This low cost/high value leadership development program can make a difference in your organization.  If you would like to give your staff the best tools for managing your organization, we can help.  Visit our website and contact us to discuss your needs.

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Dr. Bonita Russell of Russell Roundtable Consultants Inc. is an associate consultant of NMC Strategic Manager – partnering with us to deliver on the full range of client needs.  Bonnie is an experienced management consultant, university researcher, facilitator, and adult educator, specializing in Strategic Management, Organizational Development, and Environmental Stewardship. She brings not only her specialized knowledge and experience to her consulting projects but also her unique client engagement process that leads to innovative solutions to complex management issues.

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