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How will your organization prepare for and adapt to a complex and changing environment?  How will you ensure that you stay relevant and succeed in an increasingly competitive environment?  You need people with strong Strategic Management skills! Providing Professional Development for Strategic Managers will ensure that you cultivate and maintain those essential skills.

What is a Strategic Manager?

Consider that a manager often wears many hats.  We must deal with operational issues and solve immediate problems.  Managers must support their employees and customers.  They must respond to the needs of upper management.  There’s bills to be paid, inventory to be ordered, information to be communicated and reports to be written.  This is the realm of Operations – it is immediate and urgent.

A Strategic Manager is also future oriented and proactive.  They understand the inter-connections and the bigger picture.  And they stay aware of trends that can affect the organization.

Strategic Managers don’t just follow the path – they create it!

Why is Professional Development for Strategic Managers important to organizational success?

To ensure we stay relevant and successful, it’s important that Managers consider and prepare for that which lies ahead.  They need to be proactive to position our organization, our business unit and our employees to respond to changing conditions.  Managers need to understand where and how we fit in a changing landscape.  We look for ways to be more effective, profitable, stable, innovative…. that is, we strive to achieve our vision.

To be a Strategic Manager, one must keep an eye on the big picture, even in the midst of day to day chaos, and employ effective techniques to move the organization forward.  So while upper management or executive are usually expected to be Strategic Managers, middle managers also play a major role in moving the organization forward.  After all, it’s these people that are in direct, day-to-day contact with employees, customers and stakeholders.  Middle managers need develop skills to be Strategic Managers – both for their own career development and for the good of the organization.

What skills do we focus on for Professional Development of Strategic Managers?

For starters, a Strategic Manager needs to be able to assess the external environment for opportunities and threats to the organization.  They need to have a good understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and risks of the organization.  And they need to have a clear understanding of the vision, and be able to communicate that to others.  How do they do that?

A Strategic Manager can assess different courses of action to determine how to best position the organization for the future.  And then they can lead others through the changes and develop a new organizational culture.  All through this, they communicate effectively and engage a wide range of stakeholders.

So some of the skills and competencies that we need to develop would include:

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A new system for professional development of strategic managers

How often have you had to wait for the courses you need to become available?  How can you develop the skills you need exactly WHEN you need them?  Based on my own experience as a manager, and having worked with managers and executives in all types of organizations – I know how difficult it is to take chunks of time away to attend courses. And often, those courses are very expensive.  That is why I have develop the Strategic Manager online school for busy managers and executives.

Based on my experience as a manager, and as a consultant working with different types of organizations – I have distilled the core competency that are essential for strategic managers.  And I’ve broken them out into individual courses, so that you can take exactly what you need right now on your own time and schedule.  With unlimited 24/7 access, you can go at your own pace and come back to refresh at any time.  And not only are the courses much more affordable than classroom or onsite training, but you save the overhead of travel.  You just need to grab a cup of coffee and sit down at your computer or mobile device.

Enhance your management and leadership skills – at your own pace!

The Strategic Manager Learning System is designed for existing (or aspiring) managers to improve management skills on the job.  With brief, highly focused lessons, you can do as little as 30 minutes per week and still develop great management skills!  The secret is consistency, and applying your learning in the workplace as soon as possible.  So you learn, apply, reflect – then learn some more!  And you can do it for as little as $39 CAD per month with our subscription program.

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Improve management skills without large chunks of time and money!