Strategic Planning Training

Do you really need a strategic planning training course?

Do you want to be a leader when it comes to strategic planning?  Some think strategic planning one of those things that you just “pick up” from watching others. Unfortunately, you also end up picking up bad habits!  So why not learn to do it right?  That is why I have developed this course – to develop those specific skills that will enable you to lead a successful strategic planning process.  And while I have been trained in corporate strategy – this is not an academic course!  I bring this material down to more of an applied, practical approach that can be used in a wide variety of organizations.

So What Are they Key Concepts in Strategic Planning Training?

If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably realize that I am quite passionate about Strategy. In my previous article 5 Criteria for an Effective Strategic Plan, I outlined a description of what a strategic plan is, the purpose and what it should contain to be effective.

When done with rigour, a Strategic Plan provides the focus and direction that leads us to results. It aligns our resources and efforts to achieve specific outcomes, and realize superior performance.   This is true for organizations of all types and sizes.  So why doesn’t it always work out that way?

Most people have heard the term Strategic Planning. Many have participated in the process, and have probably heard terms such as “environmental scan” and SWOT analysis.  And while no doubt, some organizations do strategic planning very well, it is often a misunderstood and under-utilized process.  In fact, some may even be cynical about the value of strategic planning due to unsatisfactory experiences.

For larger organizations, you may have access to Strategy experts that bring leadership to the process. In smaller businesses and non-profit organizations, the process may be led by internal staff or volunteers.  My intention is to develop the skills of the managers, employees and volunteers in smaller organizations (or smaller units within a bigger organizations) to enable them to design and implement a strategic planning process with sufficient rigour and best practices that will lead to results.

Through my research and experience as both a participant and a consultant, I have observed several pitfalls that lead to frustration with the process and/or lack of action and results.  So I believe there is a need for a different approach to strategic planning training. 

What causes Strategic Plans to fail?

In short, I believe this failure can be attributed largely to:

  • Lack of preparation
  • Lack of objectivity
  • Limited perspective

And by knowing these pitfalls, we can now remedy the situation through:

  • Best Practices
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Skills development

What is this new approach to Strategic Planning Training?

First, we need to be aware of the problems with the way strategic plans are positioned within some organizations.  I start with helping participants to understand the actions (or often, lack of actions) that put the strategic planning process at risk.

Then we go through how to address each of these problems.  And I introduce you to industry best practices, based on leading experts such as Dr. Michael Porter.

What We Cover in the How to Lead Strategic Planning Course

This video based course provides participants with basic knowledge and skills in:

  1. The strategic planning framework and terminology
  2. Defining your purpose and designing the process accordingly
  3. Collecting and analyzing objective information (not opinion!) based on industry best practices
  4. Developing and analyzing several options to reach a decision
  5. Making the plan actionable

Video based learning allows participants to proceed at their own pace and own schedule.  This course is suitable for anyone that will be participating in strategic planning in all types of organizations: private enterprise, not-for-profit and public service.

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