Online Strategic Leadership Training

Leadership Development Program for a New Generation

Why do we need a new approach to leadership development?

In an increasingly complex and diverse environment, today’s managers need to develop specialized skills, such as:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Problem Analysis
  • Cross Cultural Leadership
  • Change Leadership

And today’s managers require more flexibility for professional development.   You need a leadership development program that gives them the skills they need, when they need it.  And you need measurable results.

And the demographics of management is changing.  As younger professionals, and those of diverse backgrounds,  are now preparing to advance their careers – they have different learning styles and needs than those of the previous generation.  They need a different approach to employee development training.

What is the solution for developing leadership skills?

We recognized the need for a different approach to employee development training, and have responded with a highly specialized and targeted training system for developing future leaders.

NMC Strategic Manager, hosted on the Teachable platform, is a convenient, effective and affordable leadership development program for organizations of all types and sizes!  Employees learn advanced and specialized management skills at their own pace, and from any location with 24/7 access to video lessons.

Get the advantage of practical lessons and exercises, based on real life examples and case studies.  Monitor your own progress with quizzes and self-evaluation tools.  And email your instructor with questions.

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