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How do you know what fits your learning style and needs?

Perhaps you are looking for leadership development courses for yourself, or for your employees.  With so many options out there – where do you start? When it comes to employee development training and professional development for managers, there is no one size fits all.   You need to find the type of leadership training that fits your unique needs and situation.

While we have designed our Strategic Leadership Training for a variety of learning styles, we believe you really need to try it out.  That is why we have developed this free online leadership course in Strategic Communication.  And because it is a smaller version of our regular length courses, you only need to invest a couple of hours to determine if this training style is right for you.

Benefits of self-directed, online training for managers

Given the increasing pace and complexity in our lives, I know that it’s very difficult for managers to find the time to attend “traditional” classroom or workshop style courses.  And for organizations – the costs of sending people from different places to attend training is very high.  Additionally, it takes the employees away from both their work responsibilities and personal lives.

Online, self-directed learning provides a solution to enable employee development training from anywhere and at their own pace.  Learn more about the benefits in my previous article Develop Leadership Skills Through Self-Directed Learning.

Additionally, consider the Environmental Benefits of Online Training for Managers.

Matching your learning style with teaching style

As I mentioned earlier, we each have an individual learning style.   For example, are you more of a visual learner?

Additionally, each teacher has their own teaching style.  Have you ever noticed that you just seem to “connect” more with a certain teacher?  And less with others, even though they may be good teachers?

So how do you know which online courses will suit your needs?  How do you know which teachers you will connect with?  While other people might recommend a particular course or teacher that worked for them, there is still no guarantee it will work for you.

The only way to truly know is to try it out.   So please take advantage of my free online leadership course in Strategic Communication for Managers.  I chose this topic for a free mini course as it’s such an important skill for leaders in all types and sizes of organizations.  I hope you will find it helpful and consider taking some of my other strategic leadership courses.

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