An agile, easy-to-use approach to manage performance and increase employee productivity in the workplace

How can you improve performance of employees and work teams in a positive and sustainable way, without the need for complex, expensive systems?

The good news – it is possible and it’s actually very simple.  I have developed the OMM method to address these needs.  My previous article A Better Way to Improve Team Performance and Innovation I introduced the concept of OMM as a simple results-based method for teams.  But I will now summarize and explain how it also works for individual employee performance.

How OMM works to increase employee productivity and performance

OMM focuses on 3 cornerstones of performance management:

  • Outputs: The strategic results that need to be achieved
  • Measures: Objective, observable data that shows we are on the right track
  • Monitoring: Regular check-ins, reporting, problem solving and continuous improvement

Simple, Low Cost Tools

This very simple approach is based on two templates:

  1. Work Group OMM – a template for managers, supervisors and team leaders to set strategic objectives for the work group.
  2. Individual OMM – based on the Work Group OMM, each employee will identify how they will contribute to the work group objectives.

The key to success is training managers, supervisors and team leaders on how to use the tools effectively.  And equally important, we focus on developing soft skills for managers to engage with their team and individuals.  Managers will learn how to coach employees to take greater accountability for their own performance.

Benefits of this approach include:

  • Can be implemented very quickly, without the need for software or systems
  • Focuses on developing managers skills in performance management, including soft skills
  • Promotes greater collaboration and communication between managers, employees and work teams

How my company supports implementing OMM:

  • A digital workbook that guides managers through the process of development their first OMM
  • Online training that develops skills for engaging teams and employees to increase accountability
  • Additional group or one-to-one training via webinar as and when needed
  • Ongoing advice and consulting as needed

Learn more about the OMM method

Please contact us for sample copies of our templates and to discuss how we can help you implement OMM in your organization.

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