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Yes, you can achieve exceptional results in a complex and diverse workplace

As you have probably ascertained from my first 2 articles, there are many advantages to implementing performance planning and management.  It creates alignment between all parts of the organization and supports us in achieving our goals through focused effort, measurement and adjustment.  Providing managers with performance management courses ensure they understand the link between strategic management and operations – such that they can implement in their business unit.

Managers tend to be “in the middle” between senior executive and employees.  Therefore, organizational performance management for managers ensures that Results are aligned at each level.  We don’t waste resources going off on different tangents.  And each employee understands how they contribute to the big picture.  You can continue to improve results with each cycle, leading to higher and higher levels of performance.

Organizational Performance Management Requires Specialized Skills and Processes

In my first article  How to Improve Employee Performance, I focused on improving employee performance.  That’s because it’s often the first place that Managers can relate to.  The second article, A System for Results, introduced the Performance Planning and Management Framework.  This provides the tool to plan and manage the results of your entire business unit.  It also provides a tool to develop and implement individual employee performance plans.

Obviously, the size, age, complexity and culture of your organization will make a difference in how you use the tools and processes.  But the concepts are the same for all types of organizations (private enterprise, government and non-profit.)   Managers and executives at all levels need to understand the concepts.  Working on a common framework, and with common terminology, will ensure consistency and alignment.

Managers Need Performance Management Skills

Effective performance planning and management requires that managers develop specialized skills in a rather broad range of topics – from vision and strategy to evaluating individual employee performance.  Recognizing this need, I have developed eLearning (online, video based) performance management courses that provide in-depth training in industry best practices.  I know from my own experience as a Manager, these broad concepts needs to be taken down to a practical, real life level to be meaningful.  That’s why I have included a lot of examples and case studies, based on real world situations.

Recognizing that Managers will be at different levels of experience and responsibility, I understand that your needs may be different.  Therefore, I have attempted to structure my performance management courses to support a wide range.  I highly recommend starting with the Performance Management for Optimal Results (Performance Planning and Management Framework) to get the big picture.  Then follow up with Improve Employee Performance for more detail on how to work with each employee.  But if you are part of a very small or new company, you may feel you need to just jump in with Improve Employee Performance.  Likewise, some may just need to learn the framework for now.

What type of courses should you focus on?

To address the above situation of managers with differing priorities, I have offered these as two separate performance management courses.   You can purchase individually, or get both courses as part of the 6 course bundle subscription.    

When you sign up for the bundle, I recommend taking Performance Management for Optimal Results first.  This will provide you with the full Strategic Performance Management process, and a thorough understanding of often complex terminology.

Then follow up with Improve Employee Performance to really build more detail in that particular aspect of the framework.  You will learn how to work with employees on performance plans, how to conduct effective reviews, provide feedback and coach your employees to higher performance.

Each of these courses includes examples based on a progressive case study.  This helps you to a feel for how to apply it in the workplace. And I’ll include some optional assignments and reflecting for those that want to dig deeper.   Visit The Strategic Manager training system, hosted on the Teachable platform, to view the detailed curriculum and view some sample videos for each of the courses.

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