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Remove barriers to employee motivation and watch performance soar!

Are you looking for a better approach to motivation in the workplace?  That’s a great start,  as demonstrates your desire to improve employee performance in a way that is positive for both you and your employees.

The “old school” approach to managing through pressure and threatening just doesn’t work! In fact, it has a negative effect on employee performance over the long term. And it takes it toll on you – the manager. Most of us don’t like to be the bad guy. Confrontation is uncomfortable, and even stressful for some supervisors.

The good news is that there’s a better way! It involves a process of goal setting, feedback and motivation.   And for those that are just starting out with performance management – perhaps you haven’t yet learned how to set goals and give feedback.  So let’s talk about motivation and where you can start to get the best results.

What are some ways to motivate employees?

We may think that employees should be self-motivated – but we also need to consider our role as a manager to either increase or decrease motivation. And while salary and bonuses are often considered the main motivators – the truth is that there are so many other things that managers can offer to motivate employees. And some of them require very little effort!

What can I do to get some quick wins with employee performance?

Before you think of implementing new types of motivation, I’m going to tell you to start by removing something.  The truth is, there are often barriers to employee motivation.  And you will likely never get good results until you remove them.  The good news is – you can get dramatic results just by removing the barriers and letting the natural motivation flow!

How do I learn to remove barriers to employee motivation?

I have just launched a mini course to do just that!  I’m going to show you how to get quick wins by simply removing the barriers to employee motivation. It really can be simple and painless.   In fact, it can be a positive experience for both you and your employees.

We cover two objectives in this course:

  1. Build your knowledge and awareness of 3 major barriers to employee motivation
  2. Create your unique action plan to remove barriers and see results in your employees performance

You will get tips on the simple, no cost things that managers and supervisors can do to improve employee performance.

The course includes a downloadable the Action Plan Guide which includes reflective questions to build a unique plan that’s focused on where you can get best results.  The course should only take an hour to complete.  And it’s free!

Start now to remove barriers to employee motivation

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