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1st Grade Math Worksheets Subtraction

Kindergarten students will be able to start practicing their subtraction skills by using 1st grade math worksheets. Unlike kindergarten children, this grade does not require borrowing, so the math facts can be practiced with any numbers. However, the older students can move on to more complex tasks, such as 2nd grade math worksheets. After mastering […]

1st Grade Coloring Worksheets

1st grade coloring worksheets provide fun activities for children to use during this early age. These worksheets teach children how to color in the different cells by coloring them in different colors. Many parents believe that coloring sheets are only for younger children. 1st Grade Coloring Worksheets In fact, 1st grade coloring pages are very […]

Measurement Worksheets Grade 1

When it comes to measuring various things, there are many different types of measurement. The ones that we typically use are the metric type of measurements. We know how to measure length and height and mass; these are just two of the many kinds of measurement. However, there are also many other measurements, and one […]

1st Grade Geography Worksheets

If you use the sentence “I used the map” in a teaching lesson, you’re teaching 3-D Geographic Information. The sentence does not actually use the word “map” but it does assume that it does. When you use the word “geography” in a sentence such as this you are communicating the idea of how the Earth […]

1st Grade Clock Worksheets

1st grade clock worksheets are used to motivate young children to pay attention to lessons in school and also to show how much they have learned. They are designed as stand-alone teaching aids, often with pictures depicting what the lesson is about. For example, lessons on “World History” usually begin with a picture of a […]