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3 Tips for an Effective Decision Making Process

Whether it’s an ethical dilemma or deciding on a first house, everyone has been paralyzed by an important decision at some point in their lives. These are often the times when we opt for a more formal decision-making process: listing pros and cons, asking the advice of mentors, and comparing our dilemma to past circumstances […]

10 Strategies to Recession Proof Your Business

If you are tired of hearing in regards to the recession or the potential of a double dip recession due to foreign markets crashing now, Listen up. It does not matter. Recession or not you will need to perform your business well. You must be a real estate agent of convenience for your best target […]

Examples of Strategic Problem-Solving Skills

Strategic problem solving is a critical business skill, for both management and front-line workers. For management, a big percentage of strategic problem solving involves predicting problems that subordinates might encounter and documenting procedural solutions ahead of time, often through manuals or logic tree flowcharts. Another dimension of strategic planning in management requires a leader know […]