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Fun Worksheets for 2nd Grade

The end of the year brings a variety of fun worksheets for second graders. This collection of printables gathers the best of the web, summarized for easy download. Students can use these worksheets independently or in centers. Many of these worksheets include a cute video and illustrations to reinforce concepts. Many of these worksheets also […]

4th Grade Puzzle Worksheets

Fourth grade puzzles are fun and educational. These worksheets encourage students to work together to solve complex problems. Some of the most popular puzzles are based on numbers. In addition to solving simple equations, they also promote critical thinking and number facts. Examples of these worksheets include the Salamander Line-up, which requires students to place […]

Cut and Paste Worksheets for First Grade

For early learners, cut and paste worksheets are an excellent way to reinforce fundamental math concepts. This activity requires the child to make small cuts and then paste the shapes onto a blank space on the paper. The pieces of the puzzle can be reused and are easily maintained without lamination. The worksheets are easy […]