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1st Grade Geography Worksheets

If you use the sentence “I used the map” in a teaching lesson, you’re teaching 3-D Geographic Information. The sentence does not actually use the word “map” but it does assume that it does. When you use the word “geography” in a sentence such as this you are communicating the idea of how the Earth […]

6th Grade Social Studies Worksheets

6th grade social studies worksheets are valuable resources for teachers that are teaching their young students how to relate with others. In every class, teachers allow their students to choose a specific topic for which they are going to be taught. For the most part, it is the teacher’s job to prepare them for this […]

6th Grade Social Studies Worksheets pdf

One of the key things to think about when planning your social studies program is what type of social studies worksheets you will need. There are some that are more involved than others. One that I suggest for those needing a little bit more in depth is the classic sociological pattern worksheet which gives you […]